The Bills Make Me Want to…Cry

Well it is December once again. An Arctic front is once again hitting Western New York and the Buffalo Bills season is over. As a native of Upstate, my relationship with the Buffalo Bills has been contentious. I grew up in Niagara Falls, NY and pretty much like any other football town going to The Ralph on Sundays was just something that you did. In fact, some of my first football memories are from the mid 1990’s, when Buffalo had something to cheer for. But as much as it was disappointing, it was some of the greatest football memories I can think of. Actually, all Buffalo Bills home games are pretty memorable in their own right, but we’ll talk about that later. Since then, the Bills have been rebuilding for what seems like the last 25 years and as fans, we can only hope and pray that sooner or later Buffalo will get their shit together. We have kept the faith through Flutie Flakes, JP Losman, Doug Marrone just up and quitting, and  Bon Jovi trying to take us to Toronto. Every year we would rally cry that “This would be our year! This year Buffalo is going to the Superbowl!” but it never happened, and Buffalo hasn’t been to the playoffs since 1999.

I took some time away, I will admit it. I just couldn’t keep doing it to myself. Getting all excited every Fall for the start of a new football season and every Sunday just getting my Football heart getting crushed sometimes even before halftime. I wouldn’t even watch Bills games, missing them became easier since I moved to Los Angeles and couldn’t even get the Bills games on Sunday. Until one day we were saved, Terry & Kim Pegula came down from the heavens and saved us and the Bills from Bon Jovi and Toronto, beginning the era of “One Buffalo”. And it seemed that this new breath of Pegula life would be everything that Buffalo needed to grow into something that we had been waiting for. The Pegulas even gave us what they thought was a gift with a new head coach, Rex Ryan.

The beginning of the Rex Ryan’s tenure in Buffalo started just as you would think, with lots of talk, lots of personality and of course, lots of promises.Most of these promises included and long awaited trip to the playoffs in the 2016 season. They also included some new and noteworthy talent with the likes of a new quarterback in Tyrod Taylor and running power with LeSean McCoy. And we as fans, as the “Bills Mafia” were again giving our rally cry that “This would be our year! In Pegula we trust and Rex promised!” And what we got has been nothing short of  smoke and mirrors promises. Rex has let us down in the worst way, because he has played on our hope, and he has let us down with bullshit challenges and no timeouts left after the two minute warning and losing games by a field goal, and it’s time we say goodbye to Rex and Rob for that matter.

So it is the end of the our season once again, and yes of course I know that they season isn’t over but we in Western New York know better. We know that once the weather turns, the season turns, if it hasn’t already. And there is something reassuring in that, we know as Bills fans where we stand. We stand with the best fans in the league, we stand with the best tailgates you will ever find in any stadium in the country, and we stand with hope that next season will be the year the Bills make it to the Superbowl.

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